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Channeled Messages

Welcome to the Ascended Masters World


The Sphinx Speaks

Unplugging from the 3D, 4D and 5D connections into the matrix and control systems upon earth and within our universe.


Many can understand this as we see the control happening upon earth but do not see a way out of it, and in reality this is partly true as we have a physical body and the physical body is what keeps us within these control systems no matter what we do.


We can make changes however as to how we see and are part of the control system and find a way to move beyond it.


You can understand the 3D matrix as you see it all around you, it is what you know as reality at this moment. The 4D is more of an in between dimension and nothing is happening there as far as changes. The 5D is different, many see the 5D as their destination into a new reality, a new way of life for everyone upon earth.


This is what is being told by many out there and in a way it is, but still in a controlled way, as the matrix reaches beyond 3D into 5D and even beyond that.

We have gone through these cycles of ascension before, they go up into 5D and than move back again into 3D.


If you look at the spiritual state of your earth at this moment, and if you look at the past, the spiritual connection of the human is even less than what the Egyptians had some 5000 years ago.


The cycles of ascension are known by many spiritual awakened, but the knowledge of how to take advantage of these cycles has been lost over time. Partly because the Matrix system upon earth and within our universe is controlling the minds and hearts of the human.


We can begin to see our self as mufti-dimensional beings, but in reality the dimensions are also part of the matrix system.


The matrix as we call it can be seen as a computer program created for this universe, the earth, but also other planets, to explore many things including the physical experience.


Just like any computer it can be hacked and this is what has happened over time.


The control system started small, as it was only meant to give the opportunity of full and aware exploration for each being within your universe. It has turned into control that not just controls the experience but also the awareness on many levels of your being.


Dimension were created as a memory or breadcrumb system allowing for remembrance of what was and can be reached still.


The programming of the control system includes these dimensions as it includes knowing that there are cycles of ascension. It allows for cycles of ascension as it cannot control the difference within the energy once we move up through the cycle of ascension again. The programming can however control how you experience the cycle of ascension.


This is done by giving you a preconceived idea of what the ascension cycle is, what dimensions are and how 5D can change your reality giving you a sense of being the creator, changing the reality upon earth.


While in reality the change is included within the programming, not just for you upon earth, but for many other beings within your universe, as they are also part of the matrix system within your universe.


Can you really disconnect from this, you can partly, as the physical body will always keep you connected, and even after death you are still partly connected as you are within or in reality will incarnate again into a physical body.


There are parts of you not connected as well, but awareness of these parts goes beyond a dimensional experience.


You are connected through your energy on all dimensional levels of your being as far as your being is within those dimensions, the parts not connected are parts that are not within the dimensional experience.


Your energy includes the mind, the heart and the physical body as well as many of your spiritual bodies. As the spiritual bodies are in a way like the dimensions a breadcrumb system of how to find your way out of the controlled matrix system and programming.


Raising your frequencies is part of how you can begin the process of disconnecting, but remember that part of experiencing the raise in frequency is also part of the programming experience within the matrix.


The biggest part is awareness and ability to see through the matrix, this is not done easily and requires more than just a raise in frequency or even awareness of the matrix.


How many of you really understand how a computer works, you understand the parts where you can use the program you install, but the real coding behind it is a mystery to many.


This is even more true for the matrix program as it is not your regular computer, but a computer that has been programmed to anticipate you becoming aware of the programming and over time the computer has learned to anticipate your level or understanding of the spiritual world and it has evolved into a program that can act before you react so to speak.


It allows for the illusion of awakening, of knowledge that seems new to you but also familiar sometimes, but in reality it is part of the matrix program.

Now the question is always, why would anyone want to control, why would anyone want to keep us controlled.


There are many different reasons for this even though many can be seen as self preservation, and in reality the same as you, non-awareness of what is happening and non-awareness of higher realities of being. Other parts are just plain and simple a fondness of being in control. Being in control of a reality and not willing or sometimes not capable of releasing control. And of course as always there are just the ones who have their own personal reasons for being in control.



Does it matter, not really, more importantly we can do something about it and we will.


This Friday March 20 at 10pm EST we will begin with disconnecting from the 3D on many levels using the energy of the solar eclipse and the equinox to break through many patterns of the matrix.


Cost for this workshop is $ 39.00


You can register here


Part 2, Disconnecting from the 4D and 5D is on Friday March 27 at 10pm EST


Cost for this workshop is $ 39.00


You can register here


Part 3, Removal of any programming and blocks preventing you from experiencing through the mind and heart the reality behind this reality, Friday April 3 at 10pm EST


Cost for this workshop is $ 39.00


You can register here

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  • J-Seal Removal

    Thank you so much. I am breathing so much better and for the first time in ages I can breathe deeply right to the bottom of my lungs.I have had ear and nose blockages since 1999 1 year after I broke up with my ex boyfriend which was 6 months before my dad died. I was hospitalized for a bad chest too and I got blocked ear passages which still partially blocked has cleared up a lot and my nose blockages have almost completely gone. I am filled with gratitude. You are indeed a powerful and authentic healer.Been thinking of you since 13th February when you removed my J seals which I felt spaces where they were removed.You are so so special and I have been blessed to meet you. I feel this was a powerful and divine meeting between us.

  • j-Seal removal

    Thank you so much for the skill and knowledge that you brought forward last night to move through these ancient blockages. I greatly appreciate your compassion, thoroughness and willingness to go the distance! I received beautiful crystal clear diamond light surrounding me, as I seemed to float higher and higher out of my confusion and grief. The energies have shifted significantly already and I plan to continue moving and breathing into the meditation. As you called in each being, my heart leaped at sudden recognition that has eluded me in the past. It as if aspects of myself are rejoining me now and I am strengthened, settling and receiving clarity.

  • Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment

     I wanted to let you know that the experiences I had while taking the Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment was so amazing and it has done so much for me, today is the 22nd three days after the workshop and I still so elated and clear. I also do feel complete thanks for helping me recover my Love, Power, Wisdom crystals.  I don't think I have the ability to describe how awesome everything was and still is. Just the fact that I'm able to see things in a clearer kind of way it's a big bonus.  I came to your workshop thinking that I would be just taking a healing class but boy was I in for a big surprise, what I got was so much, much more than I could've imagine, all I know is that because of what you helped me accomplish over the weekend I feel like I'm so much closer to realizing my true self and closer to reaching ascension. Thank you from the bottom of my now complete heart.

  • Cosmic Axiatonal

    The Fire of God 10-22-08 Petra initiated me, in the cosmic axiatonal lines, which lit up the grid that runs through me. What happened on this day were the most profound spiritual experiences of my life in the inner vastness of spiritual love and God experience, but I can tell you that I cannot describe these well now. I remember the feeling and the meaning, but not the cosmic pictures. It is not that I only expanded deep into God and deeply outward, to be honest, that has already been starting to happen. I am saying that this was so far beyond and deeper than the states of bliss, ecstacy, and expansion I have been blessed with from my Lord Kuthumi and Isis. It was just the deepest, whitest love and beyond, and beyond and beyond. Consciousness screamed through the universe and the earth, realities intersected and interwove. I could see beyond and within most things, like I had a cosmic telescope. I could already view, and this wasn’t just a bit more, this was so much more seeing into the reality and nature. I saw the axiatonal lines on fire, or made of fire and the fire signs interspersed amongst the lines, fire was spreading through the lines everywhere, and I felt the fire signs were initiating these actions. Seeing this precipitated what I just described. Lord Isis appeared soon after the experience had begun, she initiated me with her horns “the Horns or Horn of Isis.” Later waiting at a stop light, the Horns of Isis came out of my body and went through all the cars to the right and left lanes of me, eight cars in each, and I experienced such depth of love as the energy of all the people in the cars was blessed and balanced. I have had many divine experiences, through the grace of my teachers, and I can tell you from the oneness of my heart and mind, that these were by far the most profound experiences and changes of my life.  Thank you Petra, thank you Isis.

  • Cosmic Axiatonal

    The axiatonal alignment provided me with a greater connection to my higher self and guides. It also removed the pain that I had in my right shoulder for the last ten years. Great workshop!

  • Blue Light Star System

    The Blue Light Star attunement was everything I had thought and hoped it would be. The attunement, which came through during the meditation, was strong and clear. The divine beings who surrounded me during the attunement were gentle, kind, loving and powerful. I felt honored to see so many masters around me glowing in gold and white light -- it felt both very expansive and safe. When I felt the attunement energies I realized the strength and power I was being gifted with and now feel permanently connected to Ashtar. I cannot wait to use this new energy in my healing work. Thank you, Petra, your work is going to make a real difference in my spiritual life.

  • Blue Light Star System

    thought I'd write to you about my experiences with the Blue Light Star energies in view of what has happened to me in the last couple of days. I wanted to wait until tonight to bring this up but  I don't want to take time from anybody as this is long and detailed.  I will start with the day following the activation because that's when I noticed the first effects of this powerful energy.  In the morning when I got up from bed I noticed some bruises above my ankles, they looked like two purple rings on both feet, there was no pain or discomfort associated with it only a hot and cold sensation and I figure it had to do something with the new energy working its way through my body. 24 hours after these bruises were gone without leaving any trace of it. That night as I was working in my computer I had the sudden urge to go see myself in the mirror which I did and to my surprise I was able to see my Aura in full esplendor with all these hues of gold and purple especially over my head. There was like a purple flame on my crown chakra that went upwards. What impressed me most was that when I raised my hands I was able to see the energy coming out of them in shades of bright green, torquoise, and baby blue, it was especially strong at the tip of my fingers where it ejected like spurs of blue light.

  • Blue Light Star System

    I feel after few days that Blue Light Star energy is very strong and clear easily old blockages.I am Usui,Shamballa,Sekhem and Lightarian master and have experiences also from many other energies.This is different and like it very much.It has opened for me new doors.

  • 13 Gates

    I recently attended Petra's workshop on the 13 gates and found it to be so incredible. If you want a stronger connection to God, the ascended masters and the angels and are hoping to enhance your physic abilities, this is definitely the seminar for you. Petra is an ancient one and it was an honor to have her offer her time to teach this incredible series. 

  • 13 Gates

    I recently attended Petra's seminar on the 13 gates in April. I am a lawyer and have not been focused on the spiritual aspect of my life. After this seminar, I have been opened up to receive a message from my grandmother that had passed over several years ago and a couple of days ago when I awakened from my night's sleep, I was greeted by a beautiful golden angel standing over my bed. Her workshop has been incredible for my spirtual growth and ability to see the unseen. I recommend her workshops to anyone wanting to be better connected to their guides, teachers and the angels.

  • Reading

    Thank you so much for your absolutely fabulous reading. It was just what I needed, it was a wonderful life confirming session, with things that I didn't know about and you were able to pull out. You guys go way beyond the soul aspect, all the way back to source and much more, that was what was so amazing. It was like you connected me back to the original me. The way you gently guided me through my lifetimes gives me a glimpse of my real continuation as the natural progression I've always been looking for as opposed to starting from this now and going backwards. You put my lifetimes together for all these years and I feel you got in touch with my true purpose and what I came here to do - which was my original reason for connecting with you. But I had never expected the level you were reading from and the depth and profound information you shared with me. It truly has altered the way I view my life and I'm very grateful to you for your generosity, time, your gifts and abilities, your work, and all the incredible things you shared.


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